Friday, July 3, 2015

ms. nora june : nashville newborn photographer

my sister, stephani, delivered this beautiful baby girl on february 3rd. 
my mom & i rushed down to nashville so we could be with max. 
we got there just in time to pick him up from school & get some yummy paletta's! 

nothing seemed to be happening at the hospital the last we'd checked &
then jeff sent a text saying "holy shit, she's here!" 

& boy is she! 

she is the sweetest little purring baby.

& max adores her. 

& she can make you giggle. 

love this one, partly because this is jeff's grandma's bench. 

um guys, ya kinda left me in a basket?!

you sure you know what you're doing dad?

so sweet!

a beautiful family of four. 
welcome nora. 
we are so excited to be a part of your world, sweet girl!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

paige & her kiddos : louisville family photographer

remember paige & her girls? 
(wow, that was so fun to look back on!)

well. they drove cross country on a cool road trip 
(with mixed cd's with music from each state they drove through -that's how cool paige is!)
and made a short stop with us!

we were able to fit in a portrait session :) 

anya  & rory.

anya, connall & rory. 

                                          they've also added one of rory's friends, tomeka, to the gang. 

silly sequence!


after the session we got some ice cream & then we went back to our house to do sparklers! first time for the younger kiddo's, mine included. they loved it! (except poor connall burned his fingers shortly after this photo. be careful this weekend!!!)

we had to attempt a selfie before they left!!!

miss you guys already! 
thanks for driving all this way to visit us!  :0

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

karen & bryan's 20th anniversary shoot : louisville family photographer

a family of five girls and their families celebrating their parents 20th anniversary!

congratulations bryan & karen!!

allie & tommy. 

maddie & sean.

virginia & ned. 

anita & alan.

april & billie.

& the four grandbabies.





this one cracks me up. sorry maggie! 


& then she smiled at the end!! 

& then they played a game of duck duck GOOSE!

y'all should be oh so proud of your fun, beautiful family!! 
i had a great time capturing all the sweetness, thank you.